The Walk


 Leash training should be started from a very early age in such a way that the leash is barely noticeable and has only positive connotations for your puppy / dog.Done right, leash training strengthens the connections between you and your puppy / dog.  It becomes a physical cord through which your energy travels to her and vice versa.


Another important detail of leash training is that you must always let the dog come to the leash, Never force the leash onto your dog, the first few times, this may take patience.Try using a treat to encourage your dog to put his/her head through the collar section. 


To stop your dog from pulling on the lead you actually need to correct him the second he even thinks about doing it.  Imagine a invisible line across the front of you and as soon as his nose goes in front of the line correct him with the lead by quickly pulling up and to the side and then release the lead and do this every time he goes to put his nose in front of you until he understand what it is you are asking of him.  You cannot let your dog get out in front of you or he will just pull against you so if he does ask him to sit and then start again with him beside you.


When out walking should your dog get excited or agitated when she sees another dog or incident, this is not the time for you to get excited or agitated too!Keep your focus and most importantly your calm assertive energy, and continue walking.A slight side pull correction on the leash will communicate “Don’t get distracted keep on walking”. The leash should always be loose unless you are giving your dog a correction.

When correcting your dog, it’s your energy, your mindset, and the timing of the correction that matter more than the method – as long as the method isn’t abusive.Never strike a dog.A word, a sound, or a quick, assertive touch can snap a dog out of an unwanted state.A quick touch to your dog’s neck or side is enough to redirect your dog’s attention back to you, the pack leader.

The timing of a correction is vital.You can’t wait even two minutes before correcting a dog, because chances are she’s already moved on to another state of mind.Corrections have to happen the split second the dog begins the unwanted behaviour – and be repeated every time the rule is broken – before a dog will understand what aspects of her behaviour are unwanted by you.

And always remember that it’s not the tool that matters!Your energy passes through the leash directly to your dog, so if you are uncomfortable in any way with the training tool you are using, your dog will sense it and react accordingly.

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Walking Tips

Owner and dog should stay calm when putting leash on.

Make sure you are always first out the door / yard.

The walk is an extremely important ritual for a dog as it gives your dogs mind and body a workout.

The best time for a walk is in the morning so your dog is relaxed for the rest of the day whilst you are out.

In order to be your dog’s leader your dog should be next to you or slightly behind you.

The leash should be short but not tight / tense.

Leash correction should be quick and match your dog’s energy.Never strike or abuse your dog.

Don’t allow your dog’s nose to be on the ground for the majority of the walk.

Don’t put tension on the leash as it will carry down to your dog and teach your dog to pull.

You can use a leash for training inside.

Use simple words or sounds that won’t confuse your dog when communicating with her.No and go are not good words as they are too similar and mean the complete opposite to each other.

Encourage your dog to hold his head high as it is a sign of healthy self-esteem.

Always use a leash for control when teaching something new.

If your dog begins to pull, pull up lightly on the leash, then immediately release the tension once the dog gets back in line keep the tension loose at all other times.

It is not the tool it’s the energy.The tool is there to assist you so stay relaxed, calm and assertive.


A structured walk –

Stand tall and confident.

15 mins migration walk – dog behind or beside you

10min break / reward to sniff and relieve

15min migration walk

5min break

15 min migration mode (always finish this way) 

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