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Zendi Training Slip Lead / Leash and Collar


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The same style promoted and used by the famous Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan. 

This lead and collar in one design offers greater control when walking as the collar piece can be placed correctly high on the dog’s neck behind her ears for maximum control. This allows for easy correction while walking, exercising or training. It also provides the ability to give a controlled quick and gentle correction that eases when the pressure is released.

This lead is fantastic for teaching your dog to walk calmly beside you and also for teaching new tricks.

Always use a training leash for control and communication when teaching your dog something new (both inside and out).

Stainless steel ring perfect for the beach.  Great for dog parks too as you can just slip the lead off.

Lead and collar is 130cm in total length and 12mm wide. Lead section then shortens to match your dogs neck size and height.  This is the recommended length for all size dogs when teaching your dog to walk correctly beside you.  If you are wanting to use the leash for other types of training then you can add extra length to the lead.th for all size dogs 

Zendi leads are guaranteed not to break (chewing and miss use not included).


How to use the Zendi training lead:

  1. Make a loop big enough to go over your dogs head by sliding back the Nylon stopper.  Then politely place over your dogs head.
  2. Place the loop in the correct position which is at the highest point of your dog’s neck behind her ears. 
  3. Now slide the nylon stopper down into position to keep the collar section in place and to prevent your dog from backing out of the lead. You should be able to get two fingers easily under collar.
  4. The lead has to come straight through the collar ring towards you in order for it to release after correction.  If the lead comes from under your dogs neck or bends through collar ring it can be made tight but will not release back to a loose condition.  This constant pressure on the neck elicits a counter pressure response. Most dogs will learn to strain and pull on the leash if they feel constant pressure around their neck.

No Slip collar should ever be left on dogs that are tied up or unsupervised.


Visit our Training Tips section on this website for help with training your dog.