Dog groomer tie up slip lead with stainless steel clip 12mm rope

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Perfect for dog groomers or anyone that may need to tie a dog up short.

This lead is for the 12mm rope.  Please see our other listings for thicker/thinner rope options.

Quality hand crafted Zendi lead designed to last.  Made from high quality luxurious feel, UV coated 6, 12, 14 and 16mm rope (polyester 1st grade yarn) with stainless steel swivel clip, nylon stopper and reinforced back stitched joins.


All our different sizes of rope are very strong and can be used on the biggest of dogs.  We offer different thickness to suit individual preferences.

** 6mm rope is pictured **


Colours available

6mm Rope -

Black / Blue / White / Red / Purple / Gold / Silver


12mm Rope -

Black, White, Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, Fluro Yellow, Fluro Orange, Black with Pink fleck, Purple with Green fleck, Blue with Silver fleck, Blue Silver white and black multi check, Pink Silver white and black multi check, Black with pink and purple fleck, Black with white fleck.

14mm Rope - 

Black only

16mm Rope -

Black, White, Yellow, Green


** Please note dog must be supervised at all times when being tied up with a slip collar **